OpenCorporates breaks the 10 million mark

As far as minor milestones go, this feels quite significant. With the addition of Missouri companies, we just added the ten millionth company to OpenCorporates. Missouri is the fifth US jurisdiction to be added, and joins 14 other territories around the world that we’ve opened up company data for.

In fact, we expect to go through the next million pretty quickly as the Missouri company importer hasn’t finished running yet and there are quite a few other territories on the cusp of being imported. These range from Washington state to Curaçao to Slovenia, and mostly we’re just waiting for them to get a complete dataset before pulling them in.

Not bad for a micro start-up with just a few thousand pounds and a community of people who realise how important it is to build an openly licensed database of companies.

We’ve also been adding more data and more features, including Edinburgh Gazette and Belfast Gazette notices and the US Federal Central Contractor Registration list. Finally, a minor addition at the request of users, we’ve added JSONP callbacks to the JSON url for companies (making it easy to use the data in widgets), and will be adding more ways of getting out the data soon.

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