Major milestone: now over 20 million companies

Well, that didn’t take too long. It was barely 3 months ago that OpenCorporates hit 10 million companies, and in what seems like no time at all we’ve doubled that.

In that time, we’ve:

Not made for a self-funded micro-startup (and, of course, the open data community, without which we couldn’t have done it).

What should we do next? You tell us. Work on the API, to make it easier to get information out of it? Concentrate on adding more jurisdictions? Add more data? Allow users to add data and connections between companies?

In the meantime, please help us by tweeting about OpenCorporates, +1’ing us, liking us on Facebook, and above all linking to us. With your help, we can make sure the biggest and best database of company information in the world is an openly licensed one.

4 thoughts on “Major milestone: now over 20 million companies

  1. Awesome project!

    +1 for work on the API!
    For now, please at a page that it’s not available yet. I keep on googling for it – in vain 🙂

  2. I’d like to list companies by geographical area, in the UK so probably by postcode, is that going to be part of the API?

    Relatedly, you don’t seem to be reading the address from the companies house info, rather those tagged as having addresses seem mostly to be taken from the FSA. Is there some reason for this? I see they themselves seem to refer to the FSA for address info in some cases, but they also provide it themselves in others. Or is it simply not got around to yet?

    1. We’re looking at the whole issue of geolocation/geocoding (bearing in mind Google geocoding won’t work with an open data licence). The UK is fairly easy/US doable, other countries far more problematic. But would make sense to allow search by location (of which search by postcode would be a subset).

      Re addresses, we get the addresses from Companies House in general (have several million of them), and only from the FSA for the IP prefix numbers, as Companies House don’t have data on these. If you do a filter by CompanyAddress you just get those companies who have additional addresses (i.e. those sourced from places other than the company registry). We are looking to make this a bit clearer in the future as part of the whole issue with addresses/location etc. Hope this helps

  3. +1 for the API too. I am literally falling over in excitement just thinking about it and all the possibilities…

    If I had to chose one jurisdiction, I’d choose Delaware – and Chris, you probably know far more about the ins and outs of the individual states. Basically, I’m looking forward to when most of the world’s MNCs are on there, as my primary interest is in generating open market share data.

    I’ve just been inspired to post this as I just used OC to lookup the estate agent that apparently representing our new landlord. The filing was uploaded very quickly and you can see more than what you can on CH WebCheck – such as Appointment of Director and Change of Director/Secretary’s Details 🙂


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