Over 10 more US states, millions more companies

One of the things we’re most proud of with OpenCorporates is the way we quietly get on with making the world’s biggest open database of companies bigger and better, adding territories with the help of the open data community. Every day we make thousands of HTTP requests, scrapes, and downloads to OpenCorporates, constantly adding companies, filings, and other data.

There’s probably a blog post just itemising the stats behind OpenCorporates, but for today to we just want to focus on one in particular (and it ties in nicely with the presentation we’re giving this afternoon at the Investigative Reporters & Editors’ NICAR conference). This weekend, we finished adding Louisiana to OpenCorporates, the 11th US state we’ve added this year, and bringing the today number to 22, and the total number of companies we have to 36 million. For the record the other states are:

Florida doesn’t quite make that list, as it’s still being imported (we’ve just over a million Florida companies so far). While we haven’t yet got every state in the US, we’re well on our way, and we’ve got several more in the pipeline, meaning the day is in sight not only when you can do one search across all the US and get back every Google entity, for example, but get the whole thing back as openly licensed data, too.

Of course, there are some obstacles in the way, not least Delaware and Illinois, but we’re hoping that before we get to those they’ll embrace transparency and open data 😉