Announcing version 0.2 of the OpenCorporates API

We’re pleased to announce the new version of our API (version 0.2), with some significant enhancements and improvements.

In particular, you can now  search the 39 million company directors and officers that OpenCorporates has (with more being added every day).  Here’s an example:

We can now also return XML for those who need this instead of JSON. As part of this, we’re now wrapping all results in a ‘results’ object, and the XML further also wrapped in a Response object. This does mean that the response breaks compatibility with the previous versions but that’s why we’ve had versioning from day one. As developers, we know the pain of having to instantly update a library because the API you’re using doesn’t allow you to specify. version. The version 0.2 documentation has full details.

We’ve also added a new ‘versions’ call, which will return the supported versions as well as the current version. At the moment this returns [‘0.1’, ‘0.2’] as the supported versions and 0.1 as the current, default version. We expect to make 0.2 the default version in the next week or so, but the 0.1 will be supported at least until version 0.3 comes out, so if you don’t want to update your code, just specify 0.1. as the required version. Until then, to get the 0.2 API simply specify it in the URL (and in case you wondered, yes, the documentation is now also versioned)

Have fun!