Join us for a weekend of hacks

This weekend, we will be joining Wikimedia UK for an Open Data Hack and CLEAR Info project for an Environmental Data hack. We wanted to invite you to join us for both of the hacks as we will be using OpenCorporates data to build tools and links with other data sources and projects.

Open Data Hack
This Hack is being organised by Wikimedia UK and the organising team behind Wikimania 2014, as a fringe pre-event to Wikimania. Chris Taggart, CEO and Co-Founder of OpenCorporates, will also be speaking at Wikimania.

The Open Data Hack will be bringing together technologists, data scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, librarians, and anyone else interested in open data. Unlike typical hackathons, this one requires no coding skills! Instead, ideas about how to work with open data are most welcome.

Things to expect at the hack:

  • A general discussion on open data and the philosophy and the Semantic Web technologies, illustrating how this can be useful to publish and use data on the web, and looking at current open knowledge databases such as Freebase, DBPedia and of course Wikidata.
  • Discussion about how open data, specifically Wikidata, is helping the Wikimedia movement as a whole covering its current integration with sister projects such as Wikipedia and Wikisource, as well as future integration with Wikimedia Commons. A big part of this is getting to know the Wikidata project, how to edit, community processes, other ways of getting involved, what’s happening day-to-day and what is coming soon!
  • The data source is not the only thing helping the movement, it’s also about the tools and applications that run and depend on the data. The event will look at some of the tools that already exist, including amazing visualizations and applications.

Want to join us? Register here.

Environmental Data Hack

This Hack is being organised by CLEAR Info project, and  Chris Taggart, CEO and Co-Founder of OpenCorporates, will be a keynote speaker at the Hack.

The ENVHACK will be bringing together some of the best data on industry regulation, including all of the sites CLEAR Info project regulates, the permits issued at these sites, and the companies to which they have been issued. There will also be data about breaches of environmental permits and environmental incidents that have occurred.

Here are a few streams the hack will be exploring:


Want to join us? Register here.

If you would have an idea on how OpenCorporates data could be integrated with environmental data or Wikipedia, comment below to let us know or tweet it to us!

Picture by Johan Nilsson