Today is Anti-Corruption Day. I’ve been following the #breakthechain hashtag on twitter which has a plethora of tweets from different corners of the world talking about corruption, the damage it does to society and what communities are doing to combat it. As the world’s largest open database of companies in the world, we are pleased that an important issue like corruption is getting a day to itself. According to the Trillion Dollar Report by ONE, many developing countries lose out on a trillion dollars every year because of corruption. We’re part of Publish What You Pay and Follow the Money Group, both which aim to bring transparency to the world of companies, contracts, and government tenders. OpenCorporates is frequently used by corporate fraud investigators and forensic accounts to detect fraud and corruption. In a transnational corporate world, commercial relationships and corporate structures are becoming complex. Combining open company data with other powerful datasets such as government contracts and licenses can highlight many of the issues the following video discusses.

This following 164 seconds are going to show you Colin Farrell talking about corporate fraud, zombies, a washing machine, Michael Jackson, and how global corruption is depriving many developing countries of a trillion dollars every year. I really like it. Do you?

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