OpenCorporates featured in The Economist

In case you missed the Economist article mentioning OpenCorporates doing the rounds online on Thursday, I wanted to share it with you here. The article is in the Corporate Transparency section and begs the question about where the limits of transparency should be.

You can view the article here.


If you want to get involved in helping OpenCorporates with our mission to work towards a more transparent world, there are many ways to contribute. We launched two projects last week which may be of interest to you:

1 – Map the Banks: A project to collect all the financial licenses in the world so we can understand and map the global financial sector. We’re looking for developers and storyteller to join us! Sign up here.
2 – Who Controls It: A proof-of-concept open source beneficial ownership register. We are looking for developers to help us work on the code! Sign up here.

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