Meet the Turboteers – Salman

What makes OpenCorporates strong is the community of talented and committed botwriters and data hunter who volunteer their time to contribute open data. Our bot writers or as we call them, Turboteers, work in their free time, to understand complex data sources, solving problems and writing scrapers to extract it. This is crucial to our mission of making company data transparent. In the Meet the Turboteers series, you’ll get a chance to meet them.

I’m Salman, I’m a computer science researcher. I grew up in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), but spent enough of my adult life in Manchester that I consider myself—at least culturally—Mancunian 🙂

I got into programming while I was in school. After a few fruitless attempts to learn various forms of BASIC, I bought a book on C one summer, read it cover to cover, and just dived right in!

I found about OpenCorporates by reading about one of the FlashHacks on Twitter and I thought I’d give it a go. I’m a big fan of open data, and it sounded like fun. (It was!)

These days when I’m not writing bots for scraping government websites I’m often hacking on Camlistore, a piece of software to store and sync all your data, and the Go programming language.

And here’s a picture of me after coming 3rd on a bike race (as the only kid on a tricycle):


I’ve got a few more wrinkles on my face now but largely remain the same.

You can follow Salman on twitter and see what missions he has been working on here.