Weekly StandUp #9: What Happened at OpenCorporates

This post is the part of a weekly blogpost series updating you on what’s going on at OpenCorporates this week. Want to help us get more data? Claim a mission!


Data the OpenCorporates team is scraping…. from the Data team (Peter & Shyam)
This week, Shyam tweaked the bots for 21 licenses and Peter worked on our data pipeline. We also worked on releasing the 4.0 of the OpenCorporates API which has some nifty new features. It’ll be coming next week!


Bots submitted by community members…. from Peter Evans.
This week, Peter Evans and Hera have been playing with tabula to extract tables from PDFs and figuring out a new format for #FlashHacks which will be a straightforward way to map a corporate network.

We’re starting to review biibii’s bot which extracts australian financial licences and accepted a bot for financial licences in Slovakia from dinotash, though there are still some pdfs that are not easy to scrape. And we’ve been working with Quentin to get his bot running on Turbot, this one scrapes financial licences from the Montenegro central bank.


Do you want to join the fun and claim an Open Data mission? Here’s what Peter suggests.
MEDIUM : Write a bot for Finance Licences (securities) – Israel Securities Authority (isa)’
MEDIUM : Write a bot for Finance Licences (securities) – Securities And Exchange Commission (thailand)’
HARD : Write a bot for financial licenses (banking) for Sudan (still unclaimed!)


The next #FlashHacks is…
London, 29th April, 5-10pm >> Join Us!
Berlin, 29th April, 5-10pm >> Join Us!
Nottingham, 8th May, 4.30 – 8pm >> Join Us!

Want to host your own #FlashHacks? Get in touch hera@opencorporates.com .


Event we are speaking at…
Hera Hussain will be speaking on the one-day conference, Open Data as a Tool to Tackle Corruption at Oxford Centre for the Study of Corruption and Transparency today.


Tweet of the Week
Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 09.37.49

What else?

  • This is the first week for Lukas and Rob at OpenCorporates!
  • We got our first US government contract this week.
  • A poorly Google-translated email sparred an identity crisis in OpenCorporates:

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