Meet the Turboteers – Carlos

What makes OpenCorporates strong is the community of talented and committed botwriters and data hunter swho volunteer their time to contribute open data. Our bot writers or as we call them, Turboteers, work in their free time, to understand complex data sources, solving problems and writing scrapers to extract it. This is crucial to our mission of making company data transparent. In the Meet the Turboteers series, you’ll get a chance to meet them.

My name is Carlos, and I’m a cheery guy from Salamanca, Spain – a nice place to visit if you are looking for somewhere to go.

Since I was a kid I’ve always loved gadgets, how they work and basically why things happen. I’ve also always enjoyed building things and, guess what? Yeah, playing videogames! So this combination had only a viable outcome. Me studying Computer Science.
I did my degree in Salamanca and also worked there for several years until I decided I wanted a change and came to London looking for new experiences. Having come to London is the best thing I have ever done for my career and my passion for tech. The community here is simply MASSIVE! There are loads of conferences, meetups, events, etc and people to talk with and learn from, and a good evidence of all this is the FlashHacks meetup.
I find FlashHacks particularly interesting because challenges programmers for social good, and that’s something that I really love!
Apart from programming I love staying with my girlfriend (and soon wife!), friends, sports (specially football and snowboarding), family (I’m missing them a lot since I’m abroad), animals (my two cats are simply the best!), and basically everything that brings joy and laughs!
And that’s pretty much all about me, you can find more about me @calonso or on my website
PD: Why only one FlashHacks a month? I want more!! 😉

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