Weekly StandUp #12: What Happened at OpenCorporates

This post is the part of a weekly blogpost series updating you on what’s going on at OpenCorporates this week. Want to help us get more data? Claim a mission!


Data the OpenCorporates team is scraping…. from the Data team
Shyam  worked on a scraper for the new company register for Panama, Cyprus, Croatia, Romania,  Alabama and Louisiana. We also tweaked some of the broken scrapers for financial licenses and company fetchers.  Peter and Lukas also spent time making the core code of OpenCorporates more efficient.


Bots submitted by community members…. from Peter Evans.
Dane is working on his Jamaica bot and has been mastering PDF miner over the past week & is in the process of submitted to turbot. He wrote a successful transformer that has now been accepted.  Dinotash’s GARFIN Grenada Authority for the Regulation of Financial Institutions bot has also been accepted as the website is finally alive again. K-nut continued working on the berlin flashhacks bot for the Bank of Sierra Leone.


Do you want to join the fun and claim an Open Data mission? Here’s what Peter suggests.
MEDIUM : Write a bot for ‘finance Licences (securities) – Superintendency Of Companies And Securities (Ecuador)’
MEDIUM : Write a bot for Finance Licences (securities) – Securities And Exchange Commission (thailand)’
HARD : Write a bot for Finance Licences (securities / Insurance) – Financial Services Authority (indonesia).


The next #FlashHacks is…
Nottingham, 8th May, 4.30 – 8pm >> Join Us!
Ottawa, 24th May, 12.30 – 6.30pm >>  Join Us!
Want to host your own #FlashHacks? Get in touch hera@opencorporates.com .


Tweet of the Week
Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 13.31.10 Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 13.31.48

What else?

  • Most of our team like the rest of the country was quite surprised at the UK Election results.
  • Hera (me!) has found a Swedish cafe and fell in love with an open crayfish and egg sandwich!
    You can also read an interview about the need for open data by Rebecca Sentance here: http://www.interhacktives.com/2015/04/30/interview-hera-hussain-on-the-need-for-open-data/
  • Ben built a home office and has now taken up residence in there!
  • Chris took an afternoon off on Sunday and sat on Miami Beach reading Thomas Paine.
  • Seb has offered a Lindy Hop lesson in an auction of promises for Nepal. He also went to local Cider and Perry trials – his favourite was not local but from a random local producer in Finland!