Weekly StandUp #28: What Happened at OpenCorporates

This post is the part of a weekly blogpost series updating you on what’s going on at OpenCorporates this week. Want to help us get more data? Claim a mission!

Data the OpenCorporates team is scraping…. from the Data team
Peter has been looking at company registers and ingesting more data from them while Shyam is fixing broken importers and working on reconciliation.

New Features!

  • We have Advanced Search. You’ll see a full blogpost on it next week.

5 word update on what mysterious problem solving they are up to…. from the Dev team
Lukas: Testing the advanced search
Peter: Showing full company snapshot
Seb: On holiday

Bots submitted by community members…. from Peter Evans.
Peter Evans just did something you’ve all been waiting for! He released some new missions and some of them are even Easy missions. Head on over there to check them out: missions.opencorporates.com.

The next #FlashHacks is…
London, 15th September, 5.00 – 9.30pm >> Join Us!

Want to host your own #FlashHacks? Get in touch hera@opencorporates.com .

Tweet of the Week
Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 14.34.34 Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 14.34.47

What else?

Have you met Knut, our super contributor from Berlin who also runs the Berlin #FlashHacks? Read his blogpost here: https://blog.opencorporates.com/2015/08/20/meet-the-turboteers-knut/