We have a right to know what data companies have on us. Will you help disrupt this?

This post is by Mark, a member of our community.

Hello everyone,

I have been working on a hackathon project happening this weekend to create a Privacy Day Campaign that is disruptive.  A campaign for people to press a button and send a consent request to different companies to withdraw or provide consent. Its essentially an advanced petition that people can use to send consent requests to many companies at once and we aim to see how many people will press a button for Privacy Day.

The plan to develop this privacy campaign proposal at the weekend, present it at a hackathon, and then use it to show to potential sponsors.  Our idea is that it could use the open corporate api and combine it with a couple of other company data sources so people can send consent notices to companies.    Does open corporate already take data from the data controller registry, or Safe Harbor registry?  

For anyone interested there is a social from 5:30 to 8pm tonight at Fab Lab in London (1 Frederick’s Place, London, EC2R 8AE, United Kingdom)

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