This post is the part of a weekly blogpost series updating you on what’s going on at OpenCorporates this week. We’ve not posted in a while because our community manager was unwell but we’ve got a full update for you now. Want to help us get more data? Claim a mission!



HELLO 2016!
This one is going to be a short one but we’ve got packed 2016 coming up with new projects, more events, investigations and of course – a lot more data!

Data the OpenCorporates team is scraping…. from the Data team
Peter and Shyam have been working on business licenses, and company data importer for the data we had for United States.


Update on what mysterious problem solving they are up to…. from the Dev team
Peter: Fixing elastic search requests
James: Working on the schema for OpenGazettes
Seb: Recruiting for new team members!


Bots submitted & networks mapped by community members…. from Peter Evans & Hera.
We accepted another bot from Helen scraping financial (securities) licences from the Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia & one from @ben also, this one scraping financial licences from the Financial Intelligence Authority of the Holy See/Vatican City State.

Want to host your own #FlashHacks? Get in touch hera@opencorporates.com .


Tweet of the Week

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 12.45.25 Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 12.45.42















What else?
Did you see this excellent write up of our exhibition at Somerset House in Reuters?

Review: Making Big Data visible and tangible

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