New dataset alert: UK gambling licences

The latest dataset added to OpenCorporates is the list of operator licences from the UK Gambling Commission. This isn’t a huge dataset (nothing compared to the millions of US Business and Professional Licences that we already have), but it is quite interesting nevertheless.

First, it’s a key dataset for Anti-Money-Laundering uses, as gambling licences is a significant risk factor for money-laundering, and for those doing due diligence or screening is critically important.

Second, it’s a surprising mix of licence holders, from online betting companies to bookmakers, to charities (who often hold lottery licences) to clubs and association.

Third, while it’s gambling licences to operate gambling machines, schemes etc in the UK, a good chunk of the entities are actually offshore, particularly Malta, Cyprus, and Gibraltar.

Finally, although the Gambling Commission helpfully make the information available as open data, they don’t appear to collect any company numbers, or even specify the country that the licence holder is in. Thankfully, the OpenCorporates system is able to infer this based on the incomplete address/postcode etc, and automatically reconcile to the correct company.

This work was actually done at the request of a client, but obviously we are making the resulting information available to all.

One thought on “New dataset alert: UK gambling licences

  1. Could you provide a link directly to the gambling licenses in the UK? The link in the article doesn’t go to that specifically. Also to clarify, This data was available before through the UK Gambling Commission, but just as PDFs, correct?

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