Impact Round-up: June

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OpenCorporates is used by investigators, NGOs, and researchers every day to study and fight corruption, money laundering and organised crime. Every month, we’ll share links to show you the work people are doing with our data.


  • Calvin Ayre wrote a review over the gaming industry’s flat profits in Quebec and the court case we’re fighting to keep company data open. Read here.


  • Kyiv Post did a great write up on the announcement that Ukraine has signed up to become the first country to integrate with the OpenOwnership Global Beneficial Ownership Register. Read more here.


  • We spoke at the Open Data Manchester event doing a step-by-step of how open company data can be used to investigate corruption and money laundering. You can see some tweets from it here, here and here.

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  • Based on the excellent investigation by Guardian, we did a mini data dive into the companies (and their beneficial owners) that were involved in one way or the other in the tragic Grenfell Tower fire in London. You can see our twitter thread here.


  • Data scientist and writer Duncan Ross used our twitter thread on Grenfell Tower and UK beneficial ownership data to create a mapping of the corporate network of Rydon which you can explore here.

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