Data Briefing: new charity registers, additional gazette notices, and more!

We’re constantly carrying out work that helps improve & enhance our company data. Some of our recent small changes don’t warrant a full blog post, so here’s a list of some newsworthy updates that we’ve made recently.

New Datasets:

Northern Ireland – Charity Register

This completes our set of charity registers for the United Kingdom, and adds just under 6,000 charity records to the 375,000 already imported for England, Wales & Scotland. Around a quarter of the Northern Ireland charities have been linked to UK companies registered at Companies House. The remainder are unincorporated associations, and we are exploring ways to help expose this data for search. All of the UK non-profits which we’ve mapped to registered companies can be viewed here.

Netherlands – Charity Register

The Netherlands Register of Charities (Public Benefit Institutions, or Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling – ANBI) has also been added to OpenCorporates, which brings over 50,000 charity records. Over 30,000 of these non-profits are also registered companies.


Spain – Gazette Notices

We are currently adding an additional 7 million gazette notices published by BORME. This is a significant uplift to the current level of notices, and brings us data from 2009 to 2016. The data can be seen on, and when matched to existing companies on OpenCorporates, can be seen here. Once this large dataset has completed the import process, the data for 2017 will automatically be brought into OpenCorporates & OpenGazettes. Given that our company data was sourced before Spain moved their register behind a paywall in 2011 (thus preventing ongoing access to the data), we consider our companies dataset as historical/archive. We are investigating using the BORME gazette notice data to derive company registration details, which would allow us to bring our company dataset up-to-date.

Greece – Officers

The Greece register, GEMI, has recently started publishing officer data. We are gradually bringing this data into OpenCorporates. Data attributes include:

  • Name
  • Position
  • Start Date
  • End Date

Bahamas: Company Status

We are now deriving the current status of Bahamas companies from the register data (it’s natively embedded in a code). This makes the existing dataset much more useful for evaluating company existence.

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