Reading List: Data Journalism


With new members joining OpenCorporates and the wider open data community, we get many requests for suggested reading. So, we’ve created a very long reading list and divided it into themes – we’ll share this bit by bit in the coming weeks. But this is also a work in progress, and a call for contributions; tell us what we’ve missed and what else should be covered!

But, First:

What is Open Data?

Open Definition 2.1, which sets the main international standard, outlines in brief that data “is open if anyone is free to access, use, modify, and share it — subject, at most, to measures that preserve provenance and openness”.

Reading List: Data Journalism

Data journalism has come a long way since the first computer aided investigations took place in the 1960s. At OpenCorporates, we’re proud to say that many members of our community are at the frontier of the field, using our data to open up knowledge of companies and corporate structures. You can find a list of investigations that have used our data here.

Inspired by our workshop at Data Journalism UK 2017, the intention of this reading list is to gather resources to open up knowledge around data, and encourage budding journalists – and other data driven investigators – to hone their skills.

Background Reading:

Journalism in the Age of Data [Stanford University]

The New Precision Journalism [Philip Meyer]

The Data Journalism Handbook [Jonathan Gray, Liliana Bounegru, Lucy Chambers]

Data Journalism, or Computer Assisted Reporting [The Centre for Investigative Journalism]

Data Journalism: Resources to help reporters get started collecting and analyzing data [The Knight Centre for Journalism in the Americas]

Understanding Data Journalism: Overview of resources, tools and topics [Alex Remington, Journalist’s Resource]

Teaching data journalism in developing countries: lessons from ODECA [Online Journalism Blog]

Hurdles and joys of introducing Data Journalism in post-Soviet universities [Open Knowledge Foundation]

How to be a Data Journalist [Paul Bradshaw, The Guardian]

Scraping for Journalists [Paul Bradshaw, Birmingham City University]

Finding Stories in Spreadsheets [Paul Bradshaw, Birmingham City University]

Working with Budget and Spending Data [School of Data]

Data Driven Journalism: Resources [Data Driven Journalism]

Data Journalism Resources [The TOW Centre for Digital Journalism]

Deploying Data Mining in Cross-border Investigative Journalism [Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project]

Facts are Sacred [Simon Rogers, The Guardian]

Knowledge is Beautiful [David McCandless]

The Ethical Journalists Toolkit [Aidan White, The Thompson Foundation]

The Tech Data Journalism Bootcamp [Stephen Suen, MIT Centre for Civic Media]

Hacker Journalism 101 [Brian Boyer]

Strategic Resources For Data Journalists [Datassist]

The Bastards Books of Ruby [Dan Nguyen]

The Open Data Handbook [The Open Knowledge Foundation]

Getting Started with Data Journalism [Clare Miller]

As with our other reading lists, this list is a living document, so if you have any suggestions for resources we should include don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Photo by Manolo Chrétien via unsplash

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