Monthly Round Up: March 2018

OpenCorporates exists to make company data more accessible, useful and understandable. Every month, we’ll share links to show you how people are using our data.

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Hack the Economy

We joined Hack the Economy, an event organised by the National Audit Office, the Office of National Statistics, the Bank of England and Rebel Uncut.

Using the OpenCorporates API, one investigation looked into whether the Panama Papers affected the number of companies incorporating in the jurisdiction. Answer: Almost no change at all.

SCL Group / Cambridge Analytica – Companies and Shareholders

Following Facebook-gate @AnnMarlowe and @WendySiegelman used OpenCorporates to chart the network of SCL Group and Cambridge Analytica.

Mission impossible: chi cerca non trova i fiduciari italiani a San Vittore (Svizzera)

Italian national Il Sole 24 Ore combined data on OpenCorporates with boots-on-the-ground reporting to investigate Moesa, a sleepy village in the Val Mesolcina that is home to 8,500 inhabitants… and 3,700 registered companies.

Los negocios secretos de Novartis en paraísos fiscales

Peruvian platform OjoPúblico conducted an investigation into the offshore networks of Swiss Pharma giant Novartis.

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