Introducing OpenCorporates Phase Two


1 billion? 10 billion? 100 billion?

How many companies will exist in 10 years’ time? We are about to witness, we believe, an explosion of the number, speed, and complexity of corporate entities, driven by new technologies such as Blockchain/DLT, AI, and the Internet of Things.

This dramatic shift – akin to the move from human-driven stock market activity to algorithmic trading – will present a challenge to all, from democracies to free and fair markets to law enforcement.

This, then, is the context for what we’re internally calling OpenCorporates Phase Two (Phase One was launch and growth to be a successful, sustainable organisation). Only OpenCorporates, the largest open database of companies in the world, has the expertise, the understanding, and vision to give the world a chance to make sense of this. And with the formation of the OpenCorporates Trust, our new structure is complete, adding the governance and protection that will be essential to carry out this vision.

This is what we’ll be writing about over the coming weeks (links will become live as we publish the posts), with the first one, the introduction to the OpenCorporates Trust, published today.

  • Announcing the OpenCorporates Trust
  • Legal Entities 2.0 – An explosion in the number and nature of companies
  • Why the future of business information must be open
  • On data utility and data utilities
  • Protecting the public interest – structure, governance and poison pills
  • Our proven public-benefit business model
  • What does good look like, in a world of algorithmic entities?

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