Round Up: May 2018

OpenCorporates exists to make company data more accessible, useful and understandable. Every month, we’ll share links to show you how people have used our data.

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FT Comment: UK disclosure rules: paper tigers

Using data provided by OpenCorporates, the Financial Times revealed an astonishingly low number of companies are complying with UK disclosure regulations at Companies House; only 25% of foreign companies with branches in the UK have filed annual accounts.

A Guide for Digging Through Trump’s Financial Disclosures

US newsroom ProPublica used OpenCorporates to investigate Donald Trump’s financial disclosures for 2018. They identified registrations of T Retail LLC, a company identified as an “online retail business; startup” registered in Louisiana and Florida.

CAC 40 Des Profit Sans Partage: Comment les grande entreprises Françaises alimentent la spirale des inégalités

Oxfam France used OpenRefine to reconcile the OpenCorporates database with disclosed subsidiaries of top listed French companies. They found a number of key subsidiaries remain undisclosed, including Angola LNG Supply Service LLC, a child company of Total SA registered in Delaware

Aerolínea de Avión Caído, con Domicilio en Paraíso Fiscal

Mexican publication El Universal investigated two companies associated with the recent Global Air crash at José Marti Airport, Havana. Using OpenCorporates they discovered Meigas Aviation 23180 Inc, registered in Panama in May 2016, lists ‘Manuel Rodríguez Campos’ as a director… a very similar name to Global Air’s General Manager, Manuel Rodríguez Campo.

Compliance and Digitalisation: How Technology Can Foster Transparency in African Countries

Alliance for Integrity and Strategic Partnership: Digital Africa used the Open Company Data Index to review the state of open company registers in Africa, taking Lesotho as a case study.

¡Ay papá! Descubren el guiso de Bertucci con empresa de medicamentos

OpenCorporates was used in a debate between journalist Hugo Santoromita and Venezualen businessman and former presidential candidate, Javier Bertucchi. Santoromita tied Bertucchi to Biometrix-Med Equipment Corp, the only company permitted to import medicine to Venezuala. Bertucchi rebutted the allegation, saying that the entity in question has been inactive since 2013, citing OpenCorporates as the source.

Danilo Díazgranados: la historia millonaria de un bróker del chavismo

Following a leak of records from 2011-2013 from Swiss Private Banking firm Compagnie Bancaire Helvetique, Venezualen newsroom RunRun.Es used OpenCorporates to report on Craft Financial SA, an anonymous company registered in Panama on 12 August 2011. According to the CBH leak, a payment of over 1.3 billion pounds was made to the company.

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