OpenCorporates smashes 150 million barrier!

At OpenCorporates, our mission is simple: Make company data more accessible, more usable, more useful for the public benefit. Most of OpenCorporates’ enviable reputation has come from the transparency and the quality of our data, but we, and our users (journalists, NGOs, law enforcement, banks, AML and due diligence professionals, etc) love to see the number of companies we have increasing.

So we’re delighted to report that late last week (actually in the middle of the first meeting of the OpenCorporates Trust, held in San Francisco) we topped the 150 million companies milestone… and not just by a bit – we thoroughly smashed it.

The immediate trigger for this was the addition of over nine million companies from Brazil to OpenCorporates – which in turn grew from the advocacy work we do around open company data, and important part of our mission. But it also comes from the day-to-day work we do, maintaining hundreds of bots, investigating and analysing official sources of company data, so that in many cases we know more about a company register’s data than the company register does itself.

If you’d like to join our team – whether you’re a skilled software or infrastructure engineer or data analyst, drop us a line at jobs at opencorporates dot com, or head over to our recruitment site.

Finally, we’d like to thank everyone around the world who are campaigning for open company data. OpenCorporates has always been a community project, and we couldn’t do it without our supporters – both inside and outside of government – who recognise that open company data is essential infrastructure in an increasingly corporate and data-driven world.

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