Long Read: Fireflies and Algorithms – the Coming Explosion of Companies


Hot off the press: OpenCorporates has published a new long read exploring how the rise of new technologies will massively the world of company formation, and with it the very nature of companies.

Warning: this is not a quick read… but it is important, especially for anyone interested in how companies are used for criminal purposes, corruption, or to evade scrutiny.

Read Fireflies and Algorithms: The Coming Explosion of Companies on Medium.


Company formation has, so far, been relatively unaltered by the data revolution. But change is coming, and will likely create a massive increase in the speed, number and complexity of companies, all powered by automation of company formation, and driven by demand from new technologies.

As with the shift from paper to electronic stock trading, the automation of companies will have profound and wide reaching effects for society as a whole, fundamentally disrupting how, when and why companies are formed… and the ways we hold them to account.

This coming change will affect all stakeholders of companies, so it’s important as many people are involved in this conversation as possible – while some will be excited by this brave new world, others will be horrified.

Send us your thoughts via Twitter and LinkedIn, help us spread the word, and start a wider conversation about the future of the corporate world.

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