Fireflies and Algorithms: Reading List

Last week, OpenCorporates published Fireflies and Algorithms: The Coming Explosion of Companies.

We initially had some qualms about writing the piece. Would it accelerate a move towards a future where companies  can come into existence for brief periods of time, like fireflies in the night, and then disappear? In the end we saw enough pointers to it happening that we thought the risk was more of us sleepwalking into it.

We had a brilliant response to the piece – keep letting us know your thoughts on Twitter and LinkedIn, and sign up to our newsletter to stay up to date.

We’ll be publishing the next blog in the series soon, but to keep the conversation going here’s a reading list of others who are exploring the topic.

Many eyes make better data, so if you have any suggestions to be added get in touch!

Reading List: Fireflies and Algorithms

The New Investor Tom C.W. Lin, UCLA Law Review 678 2013

How modern finance is transforming into cyborg finance.

The New Investor Cliffhanger Stephen M. Bainbridge, UCLA Law Review Discourse, 2013

In response to The New Investor, Bainbridge provides a jumping off point for a series of articles that offers legislators, regulators, and judges, solutions to the problems posed by technological change of cyborg finance.

Vistas of Finance Tom C.W. Lin, UCLA Law Review Discourse 2013

Lin responds to Bainbridge’s critique, offering commentary on one particular new financial character – the cyborg investor – and then on the general trope of cliffhangers as they relate to financial regulation.

Of Bitcoins, Independently Wealthy Software, and the Zero Member LLC Shawn Bayern, NorthWestern University Law Review, 2014

Would corporate personhood be a good model for “AI personhood”? Matt Scherer, Law and AI, 2016

Automated Driving and Product Liability Bryant Walker Smith, University of South Carolina – School of Law; Stanford Law School Center for Internet and Society, 2017

The Implications of Modern Business-Entity Law for the Regulation of Autonomous Systems Shawn Bayern, Stanford Technology Law Review, 2017

Is AI personhood already possible under U.S. LLC laws? (Part One: New York) Matt Scherer, Law and AI, 2017

Is AI personhood already possible under U.S. LLC laws? (Part Two: Uniform LLC Act) Matt Scherer, Law and AI, 2017

Is AI personhood already possible under U.S. LLC laws? (Part Three) Matt Scherer, Law and AI, 2017

Using Blockchain for Transparent Beneficial Ownership Registers Julia de Jong, Alexander Meyer, and Jeffrey Owens, WU: Vienna University of Economics and Business, 2017

Will Blockchain Disrupt Government Corruption? Carlos Santiso,Stanford Social Innovation Review, 2018

The Art Market 2.0 – Blockchain and Financialisation in Visual Arts Duncan MacDonald-Korth, Vili Lehdonvirta, Eric T. Meyer, University of Oxford and The Alan Turing Institute, 2018

Photo by Jennifer Durst on Unsplash

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