Data Briefing: Introducing Guernsey Charities, Viet Nam, Texas and More


We’re constantly carrying out work that helps improve & enhance the quality and depth of our company data. Some of our recent small changes don’t warrant a full blog post, so here are some newsworthy updates that we’ve made recently.

Guernsey – Charity Register

Introducing Guernsey charities; the OpenCorporates database now includes registered charities and not for profit organisations. It’s a small but sweet dataset, adding around 250 entities to the database.


We’ve expanded our Vietnam data to include current status, company type, industry codes, alternative names, and alternative identifiers.


We’ve moved to using open data files published by the Texas Comptroller’s office. These files are published monthly, and have allowed us to increase the number of company registration records for Texas.


A new API has become available for Washington state. This means the data in OpenCorporates now includes filings, additional officers, and additional company types and current status values.


Previously, OpenCorporates was using both scraped and open data for our Colorado dataset. We noticed that Colorado register was displaying some officer names and addresses in a way that made it hard for our code to distinguish between them. To help improve data quality, we‘ve now switched to just using open data files.  In general we prioritise the use of open, bulk data (e.g. in CSV or XML format) or APIs over other approaches to obtaining data such as web scraping.

Photo by Enrapture Captivating Media on Unsplash

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