OpenCorporates Offers Universal Access to Data on More Than 168 Million Corporate Legal Entities, Increasing Transparency and Trust

This is a preview of a blog post by Adam West, Managing Editor for, where he routinely corresponds with financial experts to produce the latest news and advice on topics related to helping consumers achieve greater financial literacy and improved credit.

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“In a Nutshell: As global corporate organizations grow ever more complex and automation increasingly influences how business relationships evolve, the need for universally accessible non-proprietary data on corporate legal entities becomes more acute. Filling that need since 2010 is U.K.-based OpenCorporates, a web service that collects company information from public sources in more than 130 jurisdictions and makes it available for anyone in the world to search. Now housing data on more than 168 million companies, OpenCorporates is a social enterprise that acts in the public interest to increase business transparency and trust on behalf of all stakeholders, including corporations themselves.”

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