Meet Millie Stanisic, Client Manager

What is your role at OpenCorporates?

I am a Client Manager in the commercial team at OpenCorporates. I started working here in March and my first day was when OpenCorporates had already started to work from home as a company – a week before the national lockdown in the UK started to prevent the spread of coronavirus. 

What was it like starting a job without being in the office?

I was lucky to have met everyone in person prior to the lockdown, and since the first day the whole company has been extremely welcoming and supportive. Couldn’t have asked for more! 

What drew you to work for OpenCorporates?

I knew of OpenCorporates from working for a company that used its data. That company would aggregate numerous data sources, but OpenCorporates’ data was always a talking point due to its provenance and credibility. 

During the interview process for this job, I discovered the public-benefit mission behind OpenCorporates and how passionate everyone here is about data transparency, quality and provenance. This really cemented my aspiration to work here.

Tell us more about your background?

I studied at Kingston University, for a BA degree in the Arts, and then a Masters in International Business Management. 

Since leaving university I worked in commercial roles in data-related industries. I’ve always been passionate about providing the best possible service to my clients, while keeping both the interests of my clients and my company at heart. 

Given this background, what value do you see in OpenCorporates’ data?

OpenCorporates’ data is unique for its provenance, range, freshness and quality. Our clients have peace of mind from knowing that the information we provide comes straight from official company registries. 

We are truly global as we cover 139 jurisdictions, in that way alleviating the pain of having to go to all those registries directly. Furthermore, we are always fully transparent on data freshnes, attributes, and quality. This allows our clients to use our data as a foundation for technology solutions in areas such as: Know Your Customer (KYC) due diligence, identity verification, investigations into illicit activity and many others. 

Would you advise others from larger companies to consider working here?

Yes! I have worked for big PLCs but I really wanted to work on a smaller team where my input and hard work translates into immediate results and actions. The mission and impact OpenCorporates has had on the industry is huge, and it has been mind-blowing to be part of a small but growing team with excellent skill sets. 

Everyday, I get to work with truly intelligent and talented individuals and together we are making a big impact in the market. Furthermore, we are always received positively with current or prospective clients.

What do you think is important about what OpenCorporates does?

On an individual level, we need to be able to make educated choices about who we buy from and work for. For example, should I buy my coffee from a chain coffee shop who might not pay taxes in the UK, or do I buy from an independent coffee shop which pays taxes, uses local milk producers and farmers and supports a family? We need that corporate transparency to make educated choices. 

On a larger scale, we need to open people’s eyes up to the effect that secrecy jurisdictions or tax havens have on all of us. If tax havens exist and allow for the more easy facilitation of funds for money laundering and corruption, it hinders the tax system in your own country, so there is less money to invest back into society. OpenCorporates’ role is to shine a light on corporate activity and fight for global corporate transparency. Without that, there cannot be true democracy.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up between Serbia and Montenegro and my family has lived by the coast in Montenegro for generations. The region is small, but has great weather. With up to 40 degrees in summer and minus 10 in winter, it means that winter and summer holidays were always fun! 

Do you have a favourite book, film or TV series?

My favourite book is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and my favourite film is Pan’s Labyrinth by Guillermo del Toro. I have recently been watching the TV series Killing Eve and it is amazing.

Tell us something about you that people might not know?

I worked on TV in Serbia between the ages of 11 and 18! The first time I came to London was when I was working for Serbian national TV to do a red carpet premiere of a film in Leicester Square. I thought: “Right, this is where I want to live”.

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