Dark Money Conference: Why financial criminals hate OpenCorporates & open company data

Money laundering and other financial crimes are often facilitated via complex cross-border networks, with legal entities acting as key getaway vehicles for those perpetrating illicit activity.

Exposing and tackling these networks cannot be achieved by one actor alone. It requires an organised, collaborative and international response from across government, law enforcement, business, civil society and others.

That’s why more than 200 participants from across the anti-financial crime community are due to attend The Dark Money Conference (23-25 September 2020), an online event bringing together a wide range of stakeholders from across the anti-money laundering world, including OpenCorporates, to discuss strategies to combat illicit activity.

Access to open company data is a critical component of this organised response to financial crime, which is why OpenCorporates has agreed to be a partner of the conference.

OpenCorporates on the agenda

Our Chief Impact Officer, Rebecca Lee, will join an online agenda alongside integral partners in the fight against financial crime, including speakers from: HMRC, Europol, Transparency International, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, the Organised Crime & Corruption Reporting Project and many others.

Rebecca will give a keynote address on 24th September on the theme of ‘Why financial criminals hate OpenCorporates & open company data’.

She will draw on her extensive experience conducting forensic investigations and her previous position as OpenCorporates’ Chief Data Officer to explain:

  • Why open data is critical to increasing global corporate transparency and tackling the use of companies for money laundering, corruption and other anti-social purposes

  • How open company data has helped shine a light on cross-border illicit activity

  • Why access to open company data is under threat and what participants in the conference can do about it

Watch the Q&A interview video to hear more about Rebecca’s role at OpenCorporates and what her keynote will cover.

Rebecca is also running a workshop covering ‘How to use OpenCorporates to uncover hidden links in your next investigation’, where she, Graham Barrow and Ray Blake (hosts of The Dark Money Files podcast) will share tips on how to use our data in practice to generate insights for anti-financial crime purposes that you couldn’t otherwise find.

Want to learn more?

  • The Dark Money Conference
    Read more about the conference agenda and its speakers’ biographies.
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  • Corporate investigations masterclass
    As well as hosting the Dark Money Files podcast, Graham Barrow recently gave a masterclass in how to use open company data, including from OpenCorporates, to expose cross-border connections that were hiding in plain sight.
    Watch the video >

  • Case studies
    Organisations the world over have used OpenCorporates’ data to power anti-financial crime efforts.
    Read case studies >

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