[Webinar] Why Transparent Company Data Should Be on Your Product Roadmap

Thursday, 7th October 2021

16:00-16:40 London | 11:00-11:40 New York

Your users need to verify, analyse and build on information about companies to solve critical business challenges, so creating the product features they need means you need company data at scale.

But product development is being held back by company data that’s opaque, siloed and not fit for purpose.

That’s why product managers are increasingly integrating transparent company data into their products – with the provenance, freshness and reliability to serve their users.

Join our webinar to learn why transparent company data enables product development that can truly scale.

Attend if your product helps users to:

  • Identify risk
    Where your users need to verify, re-verify and risk-score the companies they’re working with – to support onboarding and ongoing monitoring for supply chain, third party, ESG, credit or other risk management processes

  • Analyse or investigate trends
    For when your users need to generate insights by combining company data with other datasets – such as in investigations, network analytics or graph tools
  • Manage data
    When your users need to power master data efforts, clean their data or refer against a global company dataset


  • Adam Mulliken, Senior Vice President of Product – Quantifind
  • James Phare, CEO – Neural Alpha
  • Shanti Salas, Vice President – OpenCorporates

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