10 reasons to work at OpenCorporates: A tech firm with mission & ambition

By Chloe Trenchard, CHRO & Kate Pierre, Head of People at OpenCorporates

At OpenCorporates, we are proud to be a tech firm with a true mission at heart and a massive ambition to win. 

We are now in an exciting period of growth, as we scale up our technology platform to lead the emerging market for transparent company data and open up access to this data for the benefit of all. 

But to fulfil that important goal, we need the very best people to join our team.

Our unique mission and ambition means that we have created a compelling offering for talented people who want to work for a tech company that makes a difference. We will be creating exciting new roles in the coming year and we are delighted to show you why you should apply. 

So here are 10 good reasons to consider joining OpenCorporates:

1. Tech firm with mission & ambition

OpenCorporates is not just another tech company. We’re on a mission to open up company data to make it accessible for everyone and our vision is to become the foundational source of company data globally. We’re disrupting the business information world to bring about transparent company data, with the traceability, freshness and access the world needs.

Our data helps to create a fairer society and is regularly used to power major investigations which tackle wrongdoing. In recent years, this has included the alleged fraudulent claiming of Covid-19 relief loans in the US and the UK, as well as the Pandora Papers investigation

2. Leader in our field

We are the largest source of transparent company data in the world with over 200 million companies in our database. Government agencies, financial institutions and some of the largest multinationals rely on this data – as well as millions of individual users every month. 

3. Ambition to scale up

As a scaling company with a bold ambition, we’re experiencing rapid growth and transformation and have the career opportunities to match. After all, we were recently named one of Europe’s 1000 fastest growing companies according to a recent Financial Times report. There is plenty of opportunity to unleash your talent and scale your career.

4. Diverse team that drives innovation

We are committed to diversity and our team members come from many different backgrounds. Diversity helps our team, so we are building a culture that we hope is attractive to the broadest range of talent. We’re proud to have our first female CEO, a rarity in the tech or data industries, and a female majority on our Operating Board.

5. Values-driven performance culture

Working at OpenCorporates is an experience built on our values. We made these clear in our last Annual Report: we are one team, we put users first, we learn and adapt and we are bold. But this is not just lip service; we live these values in the way we work every day, which creates a dynamic and exciting culture to be part of.

6. Impact over input

OpenCorporates is a remote-first company where flexible working is available to everyone. Our team members fit in their working hours around their lives – whether they are carrying out caring responsibilities, walking the dog or going to the gym. Your impact is what will be valued, and not the time spent at your desk. Speaking of your desk, we’ll give you a budget to kit out your home office.

7. Focus on learning

We want our employees to learn and grow and to set them up for their whole career. As a result, everyone at OpenCorporates gets £1,000 a year for career development activities and courses.

8. Prioritise wellbeing

Our team’s wellbeing is at the heart of our benefits package. We offer a competitive holiday allowance, flexible hours and we support parents and carers however we can.

The mental and physical health and wellbeing of our colleagues is vital. We offer an Employee Assistance Programme with a virtual GP service and a counselling service that everyone can access. We also provide helplines to speak to about housing or financial problems.

We are determined to continue to develop and improve our culture. This can be seen in the way that 3 of our 36 employees are in the People team, which is rare for a company at our scale up stage. This reflects our commitment to creating a great culture and making OpenCorporates a great place to work.

9. Social 

Working for OpenCorporates is fun! We hold quarterly meet-ups in London followed by social activities. We go for drinks and dinners and take part in virtual pub quizzes and cooking classes. Every week, we hold a “one team” meeting so everyone understands what is happening throughout the entire business. This helps us break down silos between different teams, making it a more cohesive and rewarding place to work.

10. Talented team 

Everyone at OpenCorporates has been inspired by our mission to open up access to transparent company data for the whole world. Our team has decades of experience from the tech and data sectors that you can draw on and learn from – including former senior leaders at Big Four accountancy firms and well-known tech companies such as Twitter or Teradata.

We’re looking for ambitious people with a bold outlook who live our culture, are passionate about our customers and the world of open data and technology. If that sounds like you then your future could be with OpenCorporates. 

Keep an eye on our Careers page for new opportunities in the coming year.

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