[Podcast] Former FBI International Corruption Unit Head on how data can connect the dots in cross-border financial crime investigations

Corporate opacity has long stood in the way of those investigating financial crime. Not only do shell companies and other opaque corporate structures hold us all back, but critical official data about companies is often siloed and difficult to use at scale.

In this episode, we’re joined by a decorated investigator and one of the world’s leading authorities on anti-corruption to discuss how foundational data about companies helps connect the dots across borders to uncover red flags for further investigation.

Can’t see the podcast player? Listen here >


  • George “Ren” McEachern, Founder & President, TrustStorm and former FBI Acting Unit Chief, International Corruption Unit
  • Shanti Salas, Vice President, OpenCorporates


  • What an effective cross-border investigation looks like in today’s technology-driven world
  • How corporate opacity holds investigators back
  • Role that data, especially data about companies, plays in helping investigators join the dots across borders
  • What Ren thinks needs to change about the landscape for official company data to make it more amenable to investigators 
  • Ren’s advice for those looking to leverage data to support investigations for the first time

Length: 19 minutes 

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