Israel: More company data now available on OpenCorporates

Good news: we’ve almost doubled the number of Israeli companies available to you in the OpenCorporates database.

Foundational information about more than 686,000 Israeli companies is now accessible on our website, API and as Bulk Data, stretching back into the historic data the country’s official company register holds – the Israeli Corporations Authority at the Department of Justice.

The data is more up-to-date than ever before, enabling you to make more informed decisions – along with all the other benefits of fresh company data. We ingest new data from Israel’s Corporations Authority on a weekly basis.

We now also collect new types of data:

  • Company type
    We now collect new types of Israeli companies in the form of Partnerships

  • Company status
    Going beyond “Active” and “Liquidated”, we now collect an array of distinct statuses recorded in the registry

But like with all our data, this new Israeli data has been standardised according to our harmonised schema and connected to official data from 140+ official company registers – allowing you to more easily analyse and make connections across borders.

Information we collect for Israeli companies:

  • Company number
  • Company name (Hebrew)
  • Alternative name (English name)
  • Company status
  • Company type
  • Registered address
  • Incorporation date

Israeli data started to be added to OpenCorporates back in 2016, but a CAPTCHA was put in place subsequently by the registry which prevented us from ingesting data from them. These restrictions have since been removed and the data is now available via open data files, which we utilise.

Where to find the Israeli company data?

New company data from Israel is being added to OpenCorporates all the time. Explore it for yourself on our website, API or Bulk Data.


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