OpenCorporates has always been a community-led initiative, and we would not have reached 85 million companies in over 100 jurisdictions worldwide without our community.  You have joined the battle by writing bots, finding datasets, talking about us at events and working with us to convince governments to open up.

Clearly, if we are to win the battle to make a closed world open, we can only do so together. We’ve lots of new developments coming to OpenCorporates, from new campaigns and platforms to collaborations with NGOs, to improved search & functionality for the website. But what matters the most is you! We want to get the community involved in helping build a stronger movement for open company information.

There are many ways you can contribute to OpenCorporates:

  1. Finding data: Hunting down data sources that can be scraped.
  2. Getting more data: Write code to release open data through bots
  3. Researching & Analyzing data: Crunch and analyze the data to find out what it tells us.
  4. Answer questions about data: Use your knowledge about law, the finance industry, a country or anything else to answer questions about the data.
  5. Visualizing data: Communicate the insights revealed by the data through visualizations.
  6. Telling a story: Investigate corporations, fraud, money laundering through our data and write about it.

For any of the above, drop us a line on and we’ll add you to our Slack where ideas are discovered, worked and questions answered.

If you’re a coder and are itching to open up some datasets, then head over to Missions & claim a bot for yourself.

If you’re an investigator or would like to map corporate networks, drop us an email and we’ll invite you to join Slack, where we work together to map corporate networks.

We host monthly #FlashHacks events, last Wednesday of every month in London. We’ve got a Meetup group so you can keep track of the upcoming events. Join us then to help us formulate the future of the largest open database of companies in the world and connect with other members of the community.

If you are not in London, we would love to get your help in kickstarting monthly #FlashHacks in your city.

If you want to contribute to OpenCorporates in another way – then feel free to suggest it on our google group.

Any question, ideas or comments – send them to

Read what our contributors have been up to…

Reflections on Liberating Corporate Data through #FlashHacks by Bex Sentance

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