Israel: More company data now available on OpenCorporates

Good news: we’ve almost doubled the number of Israeli companies available to you in the OpenCorporates database. Foundational information about more than 686,000 Israeli companies is now accessible on our website, API and as Bulk Data, stretching back into the historic data the country’s official company register holds – the Israeli Corporations Authority at the … Continue reading Israel: More company data now available on OpenCorporates

New jurisdiction: Ukraine (1,526,000 companies)

The addition of Ukraine to OpenCorporates marks a couple of minor milestones - it’s the 125th jurisdiction, and we’ve now passed 135 million companies too. The data for Ukraine comes from its company register, Uniform State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Associations (USR), published as open data in XML format by National … Continue reading New jurisdiction: Ukraine (1,526,000 companies)

New jurisdiction: France (10 million companies)

Enfin! Back in January 2017, OpenCorporates quietly started publishing France company data in "beta" mode. We're now formally announcing it after completing further work to allow us to process daily updates. It is thanks to the persistence, effort, and hard-work from open data advocates both inside and outside government that French companies are now available as open … Continue reading New jurisdiction: France (10 million companies)

New jurisdiction: Greece (1,365,000 companies)

With just under 1.4 million companies, Greece becomes OpenCorporate’s 124th jurisdiction. This data comes from Greece’s General Electronic Commercial Registry (GECR), known locally as Γ.Ε.ΜΗ. or GEMI. Data attributes Some details of the fields available in OpenCorporates in this dataset: Company Number Company Name Alternative Name - Trading Name Company Type Current Status Registered Address … Continue reading New jurisdiction: Greece (1,365,000 companies)

New jurisdiction: Curaçao (130,000 companies)

We're pleased to announce that we've just added company data from Curaçao to OpenCorporates. Around 130,000 companies have been added, using data from Curaçao Chamber of Commerce & Industry. This also makes it our 123rd jurisdiction. Curaçao is located in the Dutch Caribbean region, just north of the Venezuelan coast, and it’s one of the … Continue reading New jurisdiction: Curaçao (130,000 companies)

New jurisdiction: Belarus (1.3 million companies)

Belarus is our latest addition to OpenCorporates’ database of companies, making it jurisdiction #122. We’ve added 1.3 million companies of which around 320,000 are registered companies, and just under 1 million sole-trader / entrepreneur (Предприниматель) registrations, many of which are historical records. The data is sourced from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and … Continue reading New jurisdiction: Belarus (1.3 million companies)

Bolivia companies added to OpenCorporates

We’re pleased to announce Bolivia as our first South American jurisdiction to be added to OpenCorporates. Around 170,000 companies have been added, using data from Fundempresa, the non-profit concessionaire running the company registry database and website website, under contract to the Registro de Comercio in Bolivia. This also makes it our 121st jurisdiction. The data … Continue reading Bolivia companies added to OpenCorporates

4.4 million Japan companies added to OpenCorporates

Our latest jurisdiction to be added to OpenCorporates is Japan.  Over 4.4 million companies have been added (making it our 5th largest company dataset), using the Open Data download files made available from the Japanese National Tax Agency. This will be our 119th jurisdiction, and brings our current number of companies in OpenCorporates to well over 115 … Continue reading 4.4 million Japan companies added to OpenCorporates

Texas companies added to OpenCorporates

As previously mentioned, we've been working hard getting Texas company data into OpenCorporates. We are pleased to announce that our testing is complete, and the "Lone Star" state becomes the 117th jurisdiction to be added to OpenCorporates, and 49th out of 50 US states. Texas is the 2nd largest US state by both land area and population, … Continue reading Texas companies added to OpenCorporates

BHP Billiton commits to public beneficial ownership but here’s how they could do more

“This Report discloses the payments we have made during FY2016 on a country-by-country and project-by-project basis. BHP Billiton is a leader in transparency and this Report includes additional information disclosed on a voluntary basis…. We also support the introduction of public disclosure requirements relating to beneficial ownership. These are issues that require leadership and a … Continue reading BHP Billiton commits to public beneficial ownership but here’s how they could do more