[Podcast] Do you know who you’re in business with?

Customers, boards, the general public and other stakeholders increasingly expect that companies act ethically. But whilst you can protect and uphold your own standards, what about who you do business with? How much do you really know about them and their values and conduct? The complexity of corporate structures and the explosion of information available … Continue reading [Podcast] Do you know who you’re in business with?

[Podcast] Pandora Papers: A wake up call?

The Pandora Papers came and went. Now what? Following the publication of  the Pandora Papers in early October 2021, this podcast analyses the legacy of the investigation so far, and what the anti-financial crime community should be doing in response. The investigation can and should act as a wake up call – driving forward the … Continue reading [Podcast] Pandora Papers: A wake up call?

[Podcast] Pandora Papers: How open company data enabled the investigation

The revelations of the Pandora Papers, one of the biggest journalism investigations, can’t have escaped your attention recently.  Whilst the findings of the investigation are well-documented, this podcast covers the enabling role open company data plays in investigative reporting. Two exciting guest speakers who were at the core of the International Consortium of Investigative Reporters’ … Continue reading [Podcast] Pandora Papers: How open company data enabled the investigation

Podcast: Transparent company data & investigations

Shanti Salas, Vice President at OpenCorporates speaks to Todd Conklin, Chief Data Officer and Chief Information Officer at the US Department of the Treasury’s Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence about the role of transparent company data in investigations. Key topics: How transparent company data enables investigationsImportance of data provenanceEnabling new insights in investigations Listen … Continue reading Podcast: Transparent company data & investigations