Where to find US company information?

Are you looking for information about companies in the United States?

Finding US company information can be difficult.

That’s because there’s no centralised official company information database in the US. US companies are registered mostly at the state level, so there’s a company register for each state – plus another for the District of Columbia and others for US territories. 

More than 50 company registries operate in the US, all of which collect different data about companies incorporated in the US, structure the data they receive inconsistently and make data available in different ways.

It’s hard therefore to get a single unified view of the companies that exist in the US and who they are connected to.

To help you navigate the company landscape in the US, below is a helpful list of all official company registers.

Search for a company across the US in one go

The data in US company registers is siloed. This means if you wanted to use them to search for a company name across the whole of the US, or if you don’t know which state a company was incorporated in, you’d previously have to manually search each register in turn to find what you’re looking for (something you probably don’t have time for!).

Helpfully, company data from 50 US company registers (Illinois coming soon) has been collected, unified according to a standardised schema and made easily searchable via the open database of companies on our website – allowing you to search across (almost!) all the US at once.

Search OpenCorporates here >

US company data at scale

If you need access to info on the entire population of companies in the US as structured data, such as to power an automated workflow or data analytics tools, take a look at our API and Bulk Data.

Find out more about API or Bulk Data >

List of US company registers

US JurisdictionOfficial company register
AlaskaAlaska Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development
AlabamaAlabama Secretary of State’s Government Records
ArkansasArkansas Secretary of State, Business & Commercial Services
ArizonaArizona Corporation Commission
CaliforniaCalifornia Secretary of State Business Entities Search
ColoradoColorado Secretary of State Business Organizations Database Search
ConnecticutThe State of Connecticut Business Records Search
District of ColumbiaDistrict of Columbia Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs
DelawareDelaware Department of State, Division of Corporations
FloridaFlorida Division of Corporations
GeorgiaGeorgia Secretary of State Corporations Division
HawaiiHawaii Business Registration Division, Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs
IowaIowa Secretary of State, Business Services Division
IdahoIdaho Secretary of State, Business Services
IllinoisIllinois Office of Secretary of State, Business Services, Corporate & Limited Liability Company (LLC) Name Search
IndianaIndiana Secretary of State, Business Services Division
KansasKansas Business Center
KentuckyOffice of the Kentucky Secretary of State, Business Services
LouisianaLouisiana Office of the Secretary of State, Corporations Section
MassachusettsMassachusetts Corporations Division, Secretary of the Commonwealth’s Office
MarylandMaryland Department of Assessments and Taxation
MaineDivision of Corporations, UCC and Commissions, Bureau of Corporations, Elections & Commissions, Maine Department of the Secretary of State
MichiganCorporations Division, Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs
MinnesotaOffice of the Minnesota Secretary of State Business & Lien system
MissouriMissouri Secretary of State Business Services
MississippiBusiness Services, Mississippi Office of the Secretary of State
MontanaMontana Secretary of State
North CarolinaCorporations Division, North Carolina Department of the Secretary of State
North DakotaNorth Dakota Secretary of State – FirstStop
NebraskaBusiness Services, Nebraska Secretary of State
New HampshireCorporation Division, New Hampshire Secretary of State’s Office
New JerseyBusiness Records Service, Division of Revenue & Enterprise Services, New Jersey Department of the Treasury
New MexicoNew Mexico Office of the Secretary of State, Business Services Division
NevadaNevada Secretary of State
New YorkCorporation and Business Entity Database, Division of Corporations, State Records and UCC, New York State Department of State
OhioCorporation Database, Ohio Secretary of State
OklahomaBusiness Filing Department, Oklahoma Secretary of State
OregonCorporation Division, Oregon Secretary of State
PennsylvaniaPennsylvania Department of State
Rhode IslandDivision Of Business Services, Rhode Island Office of the Secretary of State
South CarolinaBusiness Entities Online, South Carolina Secretary of State
South DakotaSouth Dakota Secretary of State
TennesseeTennessee Secretary of State, Business Entity Database
TexasTexas Comptroller of Public Accounts
UtahDivision of Corporations & Commercial Code, Utah Department of Commerce
VirginiaVirginia State Corporation Commission
VermontCorporations Division, Vermont Secretary of State
WashingtonCorporations Division, Washington Office of the Secretary of State
WisconsinCorporation Section, Division of Corporate & Consumer Services, Department of Financial Institutions
West VirginiaWest Virginia Secretary of State
WyomingBusiness Division, Wyoming Secretary of State

List of company registers in US territories 

TerritoryOfficial company register
American SamoaAmerican Samoa Government, Department of Commerce
GuamGuam Department of Revenue and Taxation – General Licensing and Registration Branch
Northern Mariana IslandsCommonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Department of Commerce, Office of the Registrar of Corporation
Puerto RicoPuerto Rico Department of State, Registry of Corporations and Entities 
US Virgin IslandsOffice of the Lieutenant Governor, United States Virgin Islands, Division of Corporations and Trademarks, Corporation & Business Entities Search, Catalyst register

Looking for information about companies registered outside the US?

Take a look at the 140+ jurisdictions OpenCorporates collects data from around the world.

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