Meet… Mollie Hanley

Hi! I’m Mollie, I recently joined OpenCorporates as Community Organiser. My role is to support our users, and ensure they are able to make as much of an impact as possible with our data. I might have been in touch with you already, but if you have any questions, or just want to say hi, you can contact me here.

The Investigator’s Handbook: A Guide to Using OpenCorporates

This guide is dedicated to the investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, who was murdered near her home in Malta on the 16th of October 2017, following a series of stories she did around the Panama Papers. Daphne fought tirelessly against corruption, and her contributions will be sorely missed.  We’d like to take this as opportunity to send our thoughts to the Caruana Galizia family, and assert our support for investigative journalists around the world.

Reading List: Impact of Open Company Data

As Becky Hogge notes in her important report on the impact of open data, tracking impact is tricky. By its nature, open data is resistant to traditional impact reporting; in part because we don't know exactly how it is being used, and in part because the value chain is so diffuse. So, Hogge argues, outside of sweeping statements about potential, at this stage impact is largely indicated by “fragments” of stories from the ground.

Goodbye, thanks and what I learned at OpenCorporates

This is my last week at OpenCorporates after three amazing years of learning and action (see the Impact Report for 2016 and 2015). When I started working in OpenCorporates, I had been feeling stuck and uninspired. Since university, I had been fully immersed in the tech startup scene and while the world of startups was … Continue reading Goodbye, thanks and what I learned at OpenCorporates

Meet Sarah Arana-Morton, Commercial Director

  Hello. Tell us about who you are & what’s your role at OpenCorporates. I recently joined OpenCorporates as its first Commercial Director. Because nearly all OpenCorporates’ revenue comes from commercial income, the more successful we can make it commercially, the more public benefit we can bring. Previously I worked with for a company called … Continue reading Meet Sarah Arana-Morton, Commercial Director