Microsoft and OpenCorporates partner to enable global business transparency

We’re excited to announce a partnership with Microsoft ACTS (Advanced Cloud Transparency Services)

Microsoft’s ACTS initiative helps governments mobilize data to accelerate and enhance transparency. Since launching in 2020, they’ve been working through partners to show governments how new innovations in digital technology—like real-time analytics, AI, and machine learning—can help promote democracy and increase citizen participation.

By partnering with ACTS, Microsoft’s customers can access the OpenCorporates dataset and incorporate it into Microsoft’s suite of solutions to prevent fraud, comply with know-your-customer/supplier requirements, and other due-diligence processes — including beneficial-ownership discovery—which is also supported through OpenCorporates’s integration with Open Ownership, another ACTS partner.

“It’s never been a more important time for Government agencies to protect themselves and their tax payers from bad actors. Foundational and trusted legal-entity data provides the dots that technologies like Microsoft ACTS help agencies join when vetting or investigating suppliers or recipients of funds.” said Shanti Salas, OpenCorporates’ VP of North America.

The partnership between Microsoft and OpenCorporates is a significant step forward in the effort to create a more transparent and accountable business environment. By making corporate data more accessible and promoting better governance practices, the partnership has the potential to benefit businesses, investors, and customers around the world.

You can read the full announcement here.

If you would like to learn more contact

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