Meet our trustees: Esther Dyson

Last summer, OpenCorporates announced the creation of the OpenCorporates Trust, the entity that guarantees OpenCorporates’ public-benefit mission, and ensures we always operate to open up company data for the public good. One of our trustees is Esther Dyson, a journalist and investor with interests in technology/IT, health  and transparency among other things. Esther was founding … Continue reading Meet our trustees: Esther Dyson

One hundred and eighty (million)! Another milestone

Yesterday we had a minor celebration in the OpenCorporates office. For days the data team have had one eye on our company counter, as it approached the 180 million mark, with frequent updates across the office and on our messaging systems reporting the latest query output from ElasticSearch, and at 15:49 BST yesterday we hit … Continue reading One hundred and eighty (million)! Another milestone

OpenCorporates wins Quebec court battle

Earlier this year, we reported on OpenCorporates' legal battle against the Quebec company register in the Montreal Superior Court – 2 years earlier we had applied to the court to rule that the register was wrong in its assertion that Act Respecting the Legal Publicity of Enterprises (ALPE) meant that we weren't allowed to hold … Continue reading OpenCorporates wins Quebec court battle

At last: corporate events for everyone

We're proud to announce that we have now released the first public release of OpenCorporates’ new corporate events system. This has been a really substantial project that's been more complex and more difficult than we expected, and threw up many issues and questions along the way. And there's still much more work to be done … Continue reading At last: corporate events for everyone

It’s official: EU Company Registers to go open data (subject to…)

Great news: last week, the Council of Europe approved the "Directive on open data and the re-use of public sector information" (press release). This was the last opportunity for the directive to be rejected or changed, and it will go into force 20 days after the directive is published in the EU Official Journal (probably … Continue reading It’s official: EU Company Registers to go open data (subject to…)