At last: corporate events for everyone

We're proud to announce that we have now released the first public release of OpenCorporates’ new corporate events system. This has been a really substantial project that's been more complex and more difficult than we expected, and threw up many issues and questions along the way. And there's still much more work to be done … Continue reading At last: corporate events for everyone

Introducing corporate events – timeline data for companies

We live in a corporate world – companies are involved with everything we do, yet the disparity between the availability of personal and company information is striking. We see the timeline of significant (and not so significant) events of our friends in social network feeds every day. Yet it’s extraordinarily difficult to do the same for the companies that we work for, buy from, do business with, help craft our laws via lobbying, and generally influence our lives in multiple ways.

OpenGazettes – Digitising Government Gazettes For A Data-driven Age

OpenCorporates is thrilled to announce the launch of a new project: OpenGazettes - which will open up government gazettes, aggregating them across multiple countries and enabling  powerful searches into the unstructured and rich seam of corporate events information contained in them. With a 300 year-old legacy Gazettes are generally recognized as the public record for … Continue reading OpenGazettes – Digitising Government Gazettes For A Data-driven Age