Techies: we’re hiring again!

CTOs, Developers and Sysadmins!

Do you love Rails, Open Data, Big Data, Corporate Data, or all four?

We’re looking for technologists who want to be part of a small, growing team. OpenCorporates is trying to change the world with our data, and we’re starting to make a real difference.

We’re not recruiting for a specific role. More than anything, we’re looking for smart people who care about what we do. However, our current priorities are a CTO, one or two senior Rails engineers, a mid-level DevOps person, and a part-time Sysadmin.

We are a bootstrapped company, having taken no external investment, and we are now starting to generate significant commercial revenue. This is an exciting time for the company.

Benefits include:

  • An opportunity to work in a startup-like environment, for a company with a proven business model, strong existing revenues and no debt
  • Flexible working (home working, flexible hours)
  • Amazing office (in Canary Wharf) with beautiful views over London when you want to work from there
  • Work for a company with a mission to benefit society
  • Lots of interesting open-source tech: ElasticSearch, Docker, Mesos, Ceph

Drop if you’re interested.


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