Montana (US) companies added to OpenCorporates

Please welcome Montana (US) as the 111th jurisdiction of company registries to be added to OpenCorporates, and 48th out of 50 of the United States of America. This adds over 300,000 companies to the site – both active and dissolved.

The data we are publishing covers:

  • Company Number
  • Company Name
  • Company Status
  • Company Type
  • Incorporation Date
  • Dissolution Date (where appropriate)
  • Branches – links to the parent company (where available)
  • Headquarters Address
  • Agent Name & Address

We’ll be regularly updating the information (sourced from the Montana Secretary of State), and aim to ensure that the median refresh date for companies is no more than 3 months ago, with new companies added even more frequently.

This leaves just Texas and Illinois as the last two of the United States to add. We are working on Texas’s data right now, and aim to add it to OpenCorporates soon.

Illinois has very restrictive terms and conditions regarding use of their data, and even has legislation in place making it a criminal offence to re-publish their data for others to freely re-use. So for the moment, we will be unable to add their data to OpenCorporates, and journalists and anti-corruption investigators will be unable to use OpenCorporates to investigate Illinois companies. So any corrupt Illinois politicians can sleep a little easier tonight.

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