Impact Round-up: April

OpenCorporates is used by investigators, NGOs, and researchers every day to study and fight corruption, money laundering and organised crime. Every month, we’ll share links to show you the work people are doing with our data.


  • Daniella from Thomson Reuters wrote about her experience of using OpenCorporates and others datasets to investigate the overseas company investment in the London property market. Read it here.
  • La Estrella De Panama used OpenCorporates to connect a minister from the current presidency to the procurement process for a major cruise port.
  • Glavcom from Ukraine investigates politicians who are suspected of embezzling money from the state enterprise “Eastern Mining and Processing Plant”.
  • OpenCorporates takes the Quebec company register to court over restrictions of public use of data. Read all about it here. CBC Radio Canada has also filed a similar suit.


OpenCorporates in the news

  • Our CEO speaks to Reuters about Hong Kong’s plans to charge high fees for new corporate disclosure. Read it here.
  • International Business Times mentions OpenCorporates as one of the tools that helps detect money laundering in their write up on financial crime in UK. Also, here’s a mention of OpenOwnership on GhanaWeb and OpenCorporates on TechWorld.
  • Read about our case against Quebec Enteprise Registrar in La Presse, La Presse (again) Le Devoir and Droit Inc.


Some news from OpenOwnership:

OpenOwnership, the global beneficial ownership register, which launched this month on the anniversary of Panama Papers. This is a joint project by OpenCorporates, The Web Foundation, Global Witness, Transparency International, The B Team and OpenContracting.

Bloomberg: Business Leaders Back Ownership Transparency Post-Panama

“More transparency around corporate ownership could help businesses spot and manage risks in their supply chains. It could also help banks and other industries comply with anti-money-laundering and anti-corruption regimes.”

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