New jurisdiction: Curaçao (130,000 companies)

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve just added company data from Curaçao to OpenCorporates. Around 130,000 companies have been added, using data from Curaçao Chamber of Commerce & Industry. This also makes it our 123rd jurisdiction.

Curaçao is located in the Dutch Caribbean region, just north of the Venezuelan coast, and it’s one of the four constituent countries of the Kingdom of Netherlands, alongside Aruba and Sint Maarten.

The register is also quite large in comparison to the population size of the country – it was known as an offshore tax haven in the 1990’s, and it has more recently adapted itself as a low-tax regime, attracting internet businesses with strong IT infrastructure and beneficial taxation treaties with the Netherlands and Norway.

Data attributes

Some details of the fields available in OpenCorporates in this dataset:

  • Company Number
  • Company Name
  • Alternative Name – Trading Name
  • Company Type
  • Current Status – set for Inactive companies only
  • Registered Address
  • Branch flag – “F” for Foreign branches of non-Curaçao companies
  • Retrieved Date

Additional notes for data attributes

  • Trading Names – As 0, 1 or more establishments can be found for a company number, they can each have different trading names. All unique trading names for the the company’s establishments (i.e. having same company number) will be captured for the company
  • Company Type – Given that the register is available in both English and Dutch, the English company types are shown
  • Foreign Branches – Identified via company type “Foreign legal entity” or “Foreign legal entity with head office abroad”
  • Other notes – The data we are able to obtain is fairly limited in comparison to what is offered by the registry, as the Curaçao Chamber imposes technical “captcha” constraints on the detailed company pages which prevent automated downloads.


Photo: Courtesy of Curaçao Tourist Board, (c) All Rights Reserved

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