New jurisdiction: Ukraine (1,526,000 companies)

The addition of Ukraine to OpenCorporates marks a couple of minor milestones – it’s the 125th jurisdiction, and we’ve now passed 135 million companies too. The data for Ukraine comes from its company register, Uniform State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Associations (USR), published as open data in XML format by National Information Systems (NAIS), a state-owned company that acts as the technical systems provider for USR.

The XML dataset contains two files, one for ‘Legal Entities’, and another for Individual Entrepreneurs (natural persons/sole traders). Only the legal entities have been considered for OpenCorporates, as the natural persons file does not contain identifiers that uniquely identify the individual.

USR includes some local establishments of local companies, and we have excluded these from our scope as they do not have distinct enough legal personality from the parent company in the same jurisdiction.

Data attributes

The following fields have been mapped:

  • Company Number
  • Company Name
  • Alternative Name (Trading Name)
  • Company Type
  • Current Status
  • Registered Address
  • Officer Name / Position
  • Date Retrieved (from the source)
  • Additional notes for data attributes

Company Name The majority of names are in Cyrillic, however some contain Latin characters

Company Type The legal form has been extracted from the company name where possible (this covers 77% of all companies), and is available in based on the English translated values, plus original Ukrainian.

Officer Only the name of the the person nominated as “manager/head” (“ПІБ керівника”) is available

Company Number The XML dataset contains multiple records with the same company number. This arises when companies merge, split, or change legal form, where the surviving entity keeps the company number of one of the predecessor entities. There is currently insufficient information in the dataset to help distinguish between the survivor entity and its predecessors with the same number (especially when they are all with Dissolved status), therefore we have taken a decision to retain only the Active entity out of a set of duplicates. We are working with NAIS to help them improve the published dataset to allow identification of the predecessor/successor entities.

Coming Soon – Industry Codes The data provided is a mix of industry code schemes (KVED 2010 & KVED 2015), however the code scheme type is not provided in the dataset to help distinguish between the two. We are working to include this information in our dataset.

Coming Soon – Shareholders/Beneficial Owners We are working with OpenOwnership on the logic to parse this free-text information into structured data, and will include this in future.


Photo: Marine Trade Port of Chornomorsk (ДП МТП “ЧОРНОМОРСЬК”, a Ukrainian state-owned enterprise). Photo courtesy of

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