Strata keynote: The irresistible rise of White Box Data

Chris Taggart, CEO of OpenCorporates, at Strata EU, May 2019
To coincide with our launch of OpenCorporates’ new White Paper, The White Box Revolution – on how Black Box Data is being replaced with transparent, well-defined data with open IDs – our co-founder and CEO, Chris Taggart, last week presented a keynote at Strata EU, Europe’s largest big data conference.

Entitled the Irresistible Rise of White Box Data, it was a 13-minute explanation of the seismic shift from Box Black Data to White Box, including practical ways of migrating from the opaque, limited utility world of Black Box to the clear, provenanced world of White Box data.

Download the presentation, watch the highlights of the keynote (full presentation available on O’Reilly’s Safari platform), and do give us your comments. We’d love to hear them.

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