Meet Our Trustees: Giannina Segnini

Coming up second in a series of interviews with our trustees is Giannina Segnini, one of the best known names in data journalism. Giannina is Director of the Master of Science Data Journalism Program at the Journalism School at Columbia University, New York. Until February 2014, Segnini headed a team of journalists and computer engineers at La Nacion, Costa Rica’s newspaper. Her team processed the data and developed the interactive application for the OffshoreLeaks project, published by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists in 2013. Segnini also actively participates in ICIJ’s Panama Papers project.

Meet Our Trustees: Patrick Alley

This summer, OpenCorporates announced the creation of the OpenCorporates Trust, the entity that guarantees OpenCorporates’ mission, and ensures we always operate to open up company data for the public good. Coming up first in a series of interviews with our trustees is Patrick Alley, co-founder and director of Global Witness, the world’s leading anti-corruption NGO. Since … Continue reading Meet Our Trustees: Patrick Alley

Introducing OpenCorporates Phase Two

1 billion? 10 billion? 100 billion? How many companies will exist in 10 years’ time? We are about to witness, we believe, an explosion of the number, speed, and complexity of corporate entities, driven by new technologies such as Blockchain/DLT, AI, and the Internet of Things. This dramatic shift – akin to the move from human-driven stock market activity to algorithmic trading – will present a challenge to all, from democracies to free and fair markets to law enforcement.