New jurisdiction: Belarus (1.3 million companies)

Belarus is our latest addition to OpenCorporates’ database of companies, making it jurisdiction #122. We’ve added 1.3 million companies of which around 320,000 are registered companies, and just under 1 million sole-trader / entrepreneur (Предприниматель) registrations, many of which are historical records. The data is sourced from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and … Continue reading New jurisdiction: Belarus (1.3 million companies)

Bolivia companies added to OpenCorporates

We’re pleased to announce Bolivia as our first South American jurisdiction to be added to OpenCorporates. Around 170,000 companies have been added, using data from Fundempresa, the non-profit concessionaire running the company registry database and website website, under contract to the Registro de Comercio in Bolivia. This also makes it our 121st jurisdiction. The data … Continue reading Bolivia companies added to OpenCorporates

Moldova Companies added to OpenCorporates

UPDATE: As of 2017, Moldovan companies are registered by the Public Services Agency and the open data files are provided by the Moldova e-Governance Agency. Moldova is the 113th jurisdiction of company registries to be added to OpenCorporates. This adds around 190,000 companies from the Moldova State Register of Legal Entities, published as an open dataset … Continue reading Moldova Companies added to OpenCorporates

Israel Companies added to OpenCorporates

Hot on the heels of Montana (US) comes Israel, making it the 112th jurisdiction of company registries to be added to OpenCorporates. This adds around 360,000 companies registered with the Israel Corporations Authority to the site – both active and dissolved. The data we are initially publishing covers: Company Number Company Name (currently only available … Continue reading Israel Companies added to OpenCorporates