We’re pleased to announce Bolivia as our first South American jurisdiction to be added to OpenCorporates. Around 170,000 companies have been added, using data from Fundempresa, the non-profit concessionaire running the company registry database and website website, under contract to the Registro de Comercio in Bolivia. This also makes it our 121st jurisdiction.

The data consists of registered companies, as well as sole traders (known locally as Comerciantes Individuales or Empresas Unipersonales).

Data attributes

Some details of the fields available in OpenCorporates in this dataset:

  • Company Number
  • Company Name
  • Alternative Name – Abbreviation
  • Registered Address – available as Street Address & Locality
  • Company Type
  • Current Status
  • Branch flag – “F” for Foreign branches of non-Bolivian companies
  • Identifiers – Tax identification number (Número de Identificación Tributaria)
  • Industry Codes – see below for details
  • Telephone Number / Fax Number
  • Retrieved Date

Additional notes for data attributes

  • Name – for foreign branches, the name of the company tends to include “SUCURSAL BOLIVIA” (Bolivia branch). This phrase has been removed where possible allow the company to have a consistent name with its parent company.
  • Abbreviated name – some companies have an abbreviated name – e.g Centro Integral Superior Boliviano Aleman is also registered with its acronym “C.I.S.B.A”. These are stored as alternative names of type “Abbreviation”.
  • Industry codes – Bolivia use an extension to the ISIC4 industry classification scheme known as Clasificación de Actividades Económicas de Bolivia 2011 (CAEB-2011).
  • Telephone / Fax number – these are free text fields in the source, with varying data quality. We have ensured that values meaning “Not available” – in Spanish as “S/N” (Sin Numero) or variants thereof – are not included in our data.
  • Foreign Branches – identified via company type = SOCIEDAD CONSTITUIDA EN EL EXTRANJERO (meaning “company incorporated overseas”)
  • Inactive companies – companies are marked as “inactive” when the current status = CANCELADA (meaning “cancelled”)


Photo: François Bianco “Colorful material”, Tarabuco, Chuquisaca Department, Bolivia via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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